ReMNaNTS is a new series of cartoons that I am drawing in conjunction with my newest book Anti-Social Lawnmower. ReMNaNTS are so named because of the paper they are drawn on. I had a bunch of leftover pieces of bristol board from another project. They were too small for me to draw my regular size 10 x 15 inches, but too large for me to throw away. I kept them for a while before I decided what to do with them. The pieces seemed to me to be the perfect size for more tradition comic strips. So this presented an interesting challenge for me and a solution to a larger problem. The larger problem for me was how to speed up my drawing progress. With my one year-old daughter around it is hard to find the time to draw and it has taken me several months to finish one 10 x 15 page. Over the past two to three years, I have only drawn six new strips for the book. This first installment of ReMNaNTS took me exactly one week from start to finish. This gives me a good opportunity to use up ideas I have hanging around on scraps of paper and napkins (another reason to call them ReMNaNTS!) that may not be good enough for the full page 10x 15 inch treatment. The challenge here is that I am used to the larger size which can average 9-10 panels and the normal comic strip averages about 3-4 panels. The pacing is much faster and the punchline better be good enough to sell the joke. With the larger strips you can let an idea build for a longer period and maybe the payoff at the end isn't quite as stark, but the added nuance you can give to it adds to the enjoyment.

Okay, enough with the pretension. here is the first installment of ReMNaNTS

Just for those of you having trouble understanding the humor here, this is supposed to be G.W. Bush. I tried hard to get a good depiction down but was having some difficulty. I think he winds up looking more like Reagan here... without the pompadour. Oh well. Next time I'll do better.

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Not exactly sure where this one is coming from. Sometimes an idea sounds better before I actually execute it. For those not in the know, the "Sammy" referred to in the last panel is Rock God Sammy Hagar, who before being the lead singer in Van Halen had a minor hit with his song I Can't Drive 55.

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